Happy New Year

Honestly, I haven’t got a clue. I’ve no New Year’s resolutions either. Just this: Having more fun. Oh, and I’m looking out for a new bike as well, since I probably can’t expect to stay lean and mean forever without doing at least a little.

And I need a new job. The one I’ve got isn’t challenging me at all, and an increased paycheck wouldn’t hurt either. I’m just so damned comfortable – I really need to pull myself up by the roots on this one.capture_70

I also intend to write more. And love more. And show more affection to the beautiful young girlfriend I have got. And to introduce her to having sex with other men – or women. And to make her feel more comfortable about me seeing other women.

And to make life simpler.

And to spend more time with my friends.

And to win the lottery

And travel

And let myself get tortured by my sadistic friend and her wicked, loving mind

And to rebuild my bathroom


God, I’m tired already. I think I’ll just have a cup of coffee and a good wank.


Skriv et svar

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