Waking Up With You

I do wonder what it would feel like, waking up with you.

It feels so wrong in so many ways. And so right. I’ve no idea where this is heading. But I’ve never had a first kiss as intense as with you. Or laughed so freely. Or fought so ferociously. Or spanked anyone so carefully. Or licked anyone so gently.

I know you’re certainly not – but you just seem so …untouched – and yet you are confident, willful, strong.

I do long to do all the mean and nasty things to you, that you are dreaming about – but secretly I also long for knowing, what it would feel like…. to hold you when you come home from work, exhausted, despondent and vulnerable.

I wonder if it’s really a secret. I guess I’m obvious like that. However. It’s a secret as long as we want it to be.

God, you’re so attractive. And so unavailable. And yet you still want to spend nights with me. I guess we could seriuosly hurt eachother you and I – and a few other people too.

I do wonder what it feels like, waking up with you.


Skriv et svar

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