These mornings

These mornings, when i contemplate having a relationship with you. Perfect 1st of May on my balcony, wrapped in my blanket, naked underneath, sipping my morning coffee. It’s only half past six, and the sun is already kissing my pale winter face. I wonder if it’s going to be a good one. This summer.

Neighbour’s up already; she’s just had sex. Always a new man. Never the same guy twice around. She smiles faintly and nods at me, before she disappears behind her curtain.

Lark is here. I hear him every morning now. I remember his voice as – perhaps – the first sound I ever knew. Lark. Warmth. Bliss. Summer.

You’re way too young, way too innocent; definitely too beautiful and much too shy. And I’m a heartless old pervert with gray hairs on my chest and a screwed up conception of love altogether.4118771152_13004abca8_o

I finish my coffee, shed the blanket and brush my teeth.I let the feeling go, and quietly remove your duvet. A light touch to your thigh, and you unconsciously spread your legs. I plunge and slowly lick your already dripping pussy while you slowly awaken to your first orgasm of the day.

No wonder, you think you love me. I don’t mind. I plan on keeping it that way for as long as I can.


Skriv et svar

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